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A Tribute to Hemingway

by Peter Diem

About Peter Diem

Dutch artist Peter Diem (1945) gained worldwide fame because of his vivid paintings and lively, colourful representations of Dutch cows.

An explosive passion for art was developed early in Diem’s youth. Born at the close of World War II, he was often bullied for having a German mother. Drawing and painting became an escape to a different world. After turning his love for art into an education and vocation in graphic arts, Diem set off to travel and experience the world on his own.

A meeting between Hemingway and the famous artist Peter Diem

In the twenties Hemingway was accompanied by his friend, the painter Waldo Peirce, on his deep-sea fishing trips off the coast of Florida. Waldo recorded these holidays in Key West with his camera: photographs he later passed on to his son, Michael. Michael Peirce, also a well-known photographer, gave this quite extraordinary treasure to the Diem museum to be shown to the public.

Video by Berry van Galen

Hemingway at Key West

Photo by Waldo Peirce

It wasn’t Hemingway’s literary legacy that touched the Amsterdam-based painter – for Peter doesn’t have time for books – but the long-lost, never-before-published pictures of Hemingway in Key West that affected Peter.

Relive the adventures of Hemingway by Peter Diem

Hemingway at Key West

Photo by Waldo Peirce

Romantic snapshots that showed the impetuous eagerness with which the American devoured life until his tragic death. It evoked a feeling of pure recognition in Peter.

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